Following the requests from many Unwrella users and listening to their questions, the professional 3d-io Artists Igor Posavec and Antoan Simic are proud to announce the first Free Training Unwrapping lessons for freating optimal UV Maps for the Texture Baking and character mapping design.

The comprehensive 3D Tutorial "Create optimal UV Maps for professional 3d Characters" is a detailed Step-by-Step Course, backed with original 3D Assets from the Game Production for your own learning, and illustrated with an 3d page illustrated PDF, completly free for download!

We invite you today to download the fully working Unwrella Trial version, 3D Models scenes and the learning PDF and step into the complex, yet easy explained UV creation process of 3D Map Design.

Download the PDF Tutorial from by clicking here:
download unwrella PDF tutorialdownload unwrella 3d scenesdownload unwrella2 trial
The Tutorial covers following aspects of the production:

Unwrella Step by Step automatic unwrapping and texture baking tutorial
3. Introduction
4. Content
10. Defining Seams in Max
16. Applying Unwrella
20. Texture Baking
29. Final Result
30. Unwrella FAQ, user manual

In this comprehensive tutorial we will guide you through the process of creating optimal UV texture maps.

Despite the fact that Unwrella is single click solution, we have created this tutorial with a lot of material explaining basic Autodesk 3DSMax work and the philosophy behind the „Render to Texture“ workflow.
This method, known in game development as texture baking, together with deployment of the Unwrella plug-in achieves the following quality benchmarks efficiently:

– Textures with reduced texture mapping seams
– Minimizes the surface stretching
– Creates automatically the largest possible UV chunks with maximal use of available space
– Preserves user created UV Seams
– Reduces the production time from 30 minutes to 3 Minutes!

Please follow these steps and learn how to utilize this great tool in order to achieve the best results in minimum time during your everyday productions.
best regards
Igor Posavec and the team at

Unwrella Tutorial
Unwrella Tutorial
Unwrella Tutorial
Unwrella Tutorial
Unwrella Tutorial