Automated UVs

One-click UV unwrapping and packing plugin for digital art.
Engineered for contemporary 3D market requirements.

Tools for 3D artists

One-Click Unwrapping

Unwrella is a single-click unwrapping plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya. Its main and only function is to instantly create UVs for complex geometries and massive asset collections.

Dumb things you don’t need to do yourself

The tool for bullshit jobs

Unwrella is designed to relieve 3D artists and studios from tedious manual UV work in order to quickly deliver quality unwraps for Arch-Viz, game levels, industrial assets, photogrammetry, kit-bash and sculpting markets.
Unwrella Automatic unwrapping 3D Industry

Unfolding methods

Crack. Flatten. Project.

Unwrella offers 3 unwrapping modes for optimal results:
organic, hard surface and projection unwrapping. Each of them is developed to optimally unfold even the most chaotic topologies.
Unwrella UV unwrapping methods

The new normality

Unfolding monstrosities

The new, terrifying magnitude of upcoming quality 3D requirements is: 100.000 to million polygon objects which need to be unwrapped. Unwrella is the only out-of-the-box weapon against this deviance.

Unwrella automatic Unwrapping and UV-Packing

Easy, fast, automated

Engineered for rapid, uncompromising workflow

The main idea behind Unwrella is to create fast and entirely unassisted UVs for light-maps, texture-baking, editing for realtime-engines and batch processing of large numbers of scene assets.

Unwrella Designed for rapid development

Stuff you can’t do manually!

Time is money is time.

We all know how long it takes to properly unwrap dozens or even hundreds of objects. Now imagine you can select all of them, press “Apply Unwrella” and get automatically unwrapped, optimally calculated UV maps, ready for your production.
Unwrella unwrapping complex geometries

Powered by UV-Packer

Master of UV space economics

Unwrella 4 comes with the integrated “UV-Packer” technology, allowing artists to manage massive geometry structures and turn them fast into optimally packed UV results.

Unwrella Master of UV-space economics.

The new paradigm

Unfolding is not an art.
It is a mechanized job.

Despite the believe that it is something highly esteemed, here is the truth: Unfolding is the only disturbing thing that stands between your creative modeling and texturing.
Use the expensive hardware under your desk to bypass it!
Unwrella mechanized UV unwrapping, unfolding and UV packing

Production assistant

Auxiliary force for Autodesk 3D Software

Unwrella 4 is the missing asset in the Autodesk 3ds software architecture. The current default tools are optimized for fine, manual unwrapping and not for the new normality – for Zbrush and Unreal models with 7 digit polygon counts.
Unwrella optimal automatic unwrapping for Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya

Reliable and maintained

A decade long tradition of providing effective UV tools

Unwrella draws on over 12 years of experience in worldwide productions. It is the first tool of this kind on the market and it has been stress-tested on millions of assets and polished in heavy production environments.

Unwrella a decade long tradition of unwrapping software
Unwrella Traditional unwrapping since 2008
Unwrella Clients and Customers

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