Unwrella Plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya

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Volume and site licensing inquiry

3d-io offers an uncomplicated way for all studios and companies with specific multi-seat needs to request discounted licenses. Please contact us for special conditions.

Educational institution discount

3d-io offers an uncomplicated way for universities and training personnel to request discounts for educational purposes. Contact us for information about discounted educational volume licenses.
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3d-io delivers first class support for all customers. if you have questions about the implementation of our tools in your production pipeline or want to report irregularities, please contact us.

Unwrella Licensing Documentation


All our products use a mobile license, which you can move from one computer to the other around the world (web connection needed, or usb stick). The activation & deactivation follows with a simple click. For more, detailed explanations about the licensing functionality, please click on the image left or here.