During the Open Beta phase of development, we’ve encountered a popular request among the Unwrella users for precise seams control, which is especially useful for texture painting (ie. in Photoshop).

Responding to those user requests, we have started working on the editable seams feature for Unwrella v2. We are aiming at the following workflow:

  1. the possibility to paint in the most important seams manually (similar to the "pelt" unwrapping)
  2. click on "Apply" to make Unwrella layout its own seams on the model, fully respecting the manually painted ones
  3. ability to manually add additional user defined seams and press the "Apply" button again to preview the results

Those three steps provide an iterative process where Unwrella does the best it can to respect the user selections while at the same time keeps minimized texture stretching and packing fully automatic. If there is enough user demand, as an additional layer on top of previously described functionality, it is possible to add different heuristics for automatic initial placement of the seams.

Further feature discussion can be found in this forum thread.