David Levy from SnowballVFX Studios, Director of the famous Round6 CG Movie (round6.net) presents and disscusses in his comprehensive “Making Of” tutorial the usage and adventages of Unwrella in the 3D Production and creating UVs for texture baking.

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David Levy:
“The first one of these applications is Unwrella, which is an automatic unwrapping tool. This saved me A LOT of time, and we use it extensively for other projects as well. I used it to unwrap almost everything except for a few specific models I had trouble with at the time (the current version uses UV seams, but the beta version didn’t).
If I wanted different parts of a model to be given more/less texture space, I’d capture a morph target of the model in its normal state, deform it so that its parts’ sizes in relation to each other matched the relation I wanted to have UV space, unwrap it with Unwrella, and collapse the stack and apply the morph target to bring the XYZ space object back to its original form.”

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